Chaire de recherche du Canada en gestion de la technologie


Jorge Niosi was elected president of the International Schumpeter Society for the period 2014-16

The mission of the Chair

Technology is responsible for the largest part of modern economic growth. Technological innovation is almost entirely conducted in some twenty industrial nations. In addition, these twenty or so industrial nations widely differ in their policies designated to stimulate research and innovation in private firms. Management schemes also diverge from one nation to another. Their governmental and university research institutions are also widely divergent.


New research report

DEC Report - Study on Assistance with the Internationalization of Small and Medium-Size Quebec Enterprises.

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New Publications

Jorge Niosi (2014) «Biotechnology: a case of delayed international convergence?» International Journal of Biotechnology, vol.13, nos 1/2/3, pp. 5-21.

Susan E.Reid, Jorge Niosi, Shyama V. Ramani (2014) «Bionetworks vs. nanonetworks: a comparision of diffusion rates of emerging technologies», International Journal of Biotechnology, vol.13, nos 1/2/3, pp. 90-104.

Niosi, J. and J. Y. Zhao (2013) «China’s catching up in aerospace», International Journal of Technology and Globalisation, vol. 7, nos. 1/2, pp.80–91.


Last Book

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Jorge Niosi

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